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The MacLean Brothers

The MacLean brothers will be taking on one of the world’s toughest rows, the Talisker Whisky Challenge. Later this year they will be rowing more than 3000 miles across the Atlantic which will make them the first three brothers to row across any ocean. Born in Edinburgh and raised on the North-West coast of Scotland, this challenge will be the pinnacle of a lifetime shared in brotherhood and adventure. 

Ewan is the eldest brother and a design engineer at Dyson, where he invents things that don’t exist yet. In charge of the technical side, he’ll be making sure all the nuts and bolts are accounted for. An accomplished singer-song writer, Ewan will use his voice and a shaker to set the pace throughout the row. 

Jamie is a trainee architect in his fourth year at the Glasgow School of Art. In charge of planning, he’ll make sure we stay on the right course. Also being a keen chef, he’ll be looking after our nutrition. Fantastic on the bagpipes, Jamie will be taking a penny-whistle to keep up moral as we fight through the waves.

The youngest brother, Lachlan, is a Philosophy student at the University of Glasgow. In charge of communications, he’ll help to spread our story and keep everyone in the loop. A phenomenal accordion player, Lachlan will be taking a harmonica in order to complete the band.