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Brett Wild

Paralympic Ski Guide and Royal Navy Submariner

Brett Wild is an accomplished Paralympic ski guide and Royal Navy submariner. From the age of 3 years old, Brett grew up skiing at Glasgow ski centre. After racing for the Scottish development squad for three years, Brett became a part of Glasgow University’s ski racing team. Aged 19, he then joined the Royal Navy as a submariner where he competed five weeks a year skiing as part of the Royal Navy Ski Team. Four years ago, Brett was then approached and asked to guide visually impaired Paralympic ski racer, Millie Knight. Four years on, the pair have had some phenomenal success winning 11 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze, World Cup medals. In 2017 they then became Britain’s first Snow sport World Champions. In 2018 the pair competed in the Pyeongchang Paralympic Games where they performed strongly, returning with two silver medals and a bronze. The Royal Navy have now recently released Brett as an elite athlete for a further four years, where he and Millie will be busy training together for the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games.