Alan McLeish

Managing Director
QTS Group

Managing Director of QTS, Alan McLeish, started the company in 1992, with a £300 loan from his mum. 

Over the years, he has grown QTS into the successful company it is now – one of the UK”s leading companies specialising in rail infrastructure, design and training services.  With the HQ based in Drumclog, Strathaven, QTS also now has offices across the UK and employ around 350 people. The company was recently acquired by Renew Holdings in a deal worth £80m. 

Alan has also personally been the recipient for a number of high profile business awards, including Ernst & Young UK Entrepreneur of the Year (Business Services) 2013. 

As well as building a successful rail infrastructure business, Alan is also well known for his philanthropy and his influence in the sports sponsorship arena. On top of being the principal sponsors for premier league side, Kilmarnock FC, QTS has also been involved with Derby FC, the Scottish Sport Awards and the Scottish League Cup. Helping young people achieve their sporting ambition is also high on the QTS sponsorship agenda, with its Youth Athlete programme, which funds a selection of young athletes across a series of disciplines.  

As well as being key players in the sporting world, QTS has become the principal funder for the Youth Philanthropy Initiative, in partnership with The Wood Foundation, pledging £30,000 each year, for three years to help support schools in Ayrshire.